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Hello again

Have briefly disappeared because of general life craziness. Am back now!

My digital camera and printer are on their last legs right now. I’m trying to go for a laser printer this time around. Last time I was in the market for a printer, lasers cost something scandalous. Now they’re around $100, which is better than the previous $400.

Camera! So far I’m looking at the Canon SD1100 IS (“make every shot a PowerShot”… haha), but we’ll see. I’ve given up on cameras with (a) AA batteries – yes, cheaper rechargeable options, but powersuckers at that, and (b) with those spinny menu selection things. My current (broken-ish) camera has the spinny thing, and after 4 years of use and abuse, it gives you “Review Photos” when what you’ve really selected is “Video Mode”.

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