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Back to classes…

… back to dealing with bodohness. The girl who was sitting in front of me was one of those types who try to jawab all the teacher’s questions … walaupun tidak tau jawapan.

Teacher: blablabla… Basque people… where are they from?

Girl: I know! I know!!

Teacher: Yes?

Girl: They’re from… um… ah … I don’t know. Hihihi!

Duinaaa. And whenever the teacher said anything that even vaguely minta input from the class (and I don’t know why he was asking us geography questions in a non-geography class anyway … this teacher selalu menyimpang), this girl bagi macam-macam jawapan (yang jarang sekali kena jawapan yang ngam). Arghghghg!! Harap-harap when group project time rolls around, tidak kena the same group as her!!

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  1. ahahahahah i know i know…. sebenarnya i don’t know…hihihihi
    she somehow reminds me or noreen but i’m sure noreen was smarter… :D

  2. hihihi yabah!! kumpulan sudah dibahagi and I made sure I was sitting on the other side of class when that happened!

  3. the teacher reminds me of myself. always spouting useless geographic knowledge. maybe i should teach sociology.