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Ketara boring

My biweekly foraging for food. Photos of things I found interesting. I didn’t buy any of the things I took pictures of. And the things I did buy, I didn’t take pictures of (a cucumber, an onion, a can of rebung, a bag of sayur, a packet of mi goreng, a bag of tepung, a bottle of kicap? Boring.).

Apa mild-mild ni? (I say this as one of them orang gila who’s always looking for the next, lebih pedas thing)

 Don’t play-play one!

 Foto yang kuambil khas bagi para penonton yang sedang berada di rumah.

 These are those tiny cans of sardines. Gila! Murah lagi if I balik Sabah.

Tunafureeku (tuna flakes) Light Meal.  “Goes great with salads. Let’s enjoy cooking!” (Ah, Engrish. Let me count the ways …) 
And behind, you can see two things that I did buy. Tepung pulut (future experiment yang 72% kemungkinan gagal). This attempt to make something for my landlords’ Thanksgiving gagal dengan bangganya, my percubaan to make onde-onde came out … um.  Apparently you can’t use plain rice flour. Hey, nobody told me.
Also, Indomie YANG KLASIK, none of those weird flavors they have now. My favourite mi segera since, I don’t know, as far back as I can remember? There were only two mi segera choices in the early 90’s: Maggi soup or Indomie goreng, and I’ve always hated soup. Oh, and Maggi had “5-minit spaghetti mee” for … not very long. It sucked.
Vegetarian Mock “Popk”. I think I used to have the mock duck version when I was younger. I remember it as being very chewy and squeaky, in a getah kind of way. Not that I know what it’s like to makan sikarap ha ha.

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