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Pecah kaca mata

The cool (and completely palsu) story is that I got in a fight. The true (and lame) story is that I had my glasses on while taking a shirt off. I don’t know, it was a small collar or something. It just snapped.

I am, however, very thankful for $20 glasses from teh internets, even with my legally-blind (I don’t know but I’m sure), sky-high prescription. How high? Alamak. Right eye -4.25. Left eye, -4.75. Oh, and astigmatism, too. It goes higher every year, wat the pakk. Also, I miss the days when both my eyes were the same power, or whatever they call it.

Oh yeah, and American frameless glasses suck, the screws poke back at you. They’ve got nothing on the Asian frameless jobs, where they have that thing that looks like clear fishing line as a “frame” around the glasses. I want to go home. If only to get some new glasses.

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