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Not Martha Stewart

5 lb (2.2 kg) of potatoes for 99 cents! Now what to do. First potato, make potato chips. Or attempt to.

Attempt to peel potatoes.
And then I realized, why bother peeling?
Tambah minyak. The little container with a tomato on it is salt, to season the chips after they’re done. Even though I hate salt and don’t know how to use it anyway.
Half goes on a piece of greased foil.
Toaster oven.
The other half goes in the microwave.
Not bad, but it took forever in the toaster oven. Something like 20 minutes. And they were half-crispy, half-soft. Ugh.
The microwave started giving off smoke (!!) after 5 minutes, and I had to jump around fanning smoke away from the smoke detector and sprinklers. Terbakar, inedible. Ugh. I can cook, I can bake, I just can’t use the microwave.

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  1. the ones from the toaster oven were yucky because they were soft. maybe if i left them in the oven a little longer.

    the hangus ones from the microwave were actually pretty good. macam dari kedai! the ones yang not completely hangus laa. which was like… two pieces.