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… dan perasa dan pewarna yang dibenarkan

At the kedai I go to, you’re screwed if you’re looking for dark green food colouring, and don’t know what ‘Hijau Tua’ is. The label is dark green, though …

… but then there’s these flavorings that don’t give any clue. Even Google isn’t telling me what “roosen” tastes or smells like. Misteri!! (I do know what durian tastes and smells like, though, thankyouverymuch.)

What’s with all this masak-masak stuff? Aiyah. Thanksgiving is coming up, and for the first time in three years, I am going to only one dinner – at home! Thanksgiving is a big deal here, I don’t get what’s the big deal and I refuse to say “I’m thankful for this that this”, but whatever. Last year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas, I ended up going to like four places in one day – fun, but tiring and expensive (minyak kereta).

Oh ya. Anyway. Thanksgiving is coming up, and I am attempting to Contribute. By attempting to make some sort of kuih, I guess.

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