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Just got tagged by Julie. Five facts about myself:

  1. I remember the first day I realized I understood an entire Malay conversation. I thought: I know Malay! This was in Primary 1. Or 2. I don’t know. I only remember the classroom I was in, and Primary 1 and 2 shared it.
  2. I very much regret not being able to remember the first time I realized I could read.
  3. I remember the first time I was at a well-stocked library, and feeling terrifically overwhelmed by all the possibilities. THIS IS A VERY GOOD FEELING. A+++ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  4. I have written “NOBODY IS READING THIS” in the middle of a Macroeconomics paper. Whoever was grading it didn’t notice. I have pulled this off twice.
  5. My top priority to find and read right now: Doraemon, Volume 1. What?
I’d tag someone else if I could. But – since NOBODY IS READING THIS, I can’t. (^_^)_v

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