Very bored, so I’ve been playing Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. And then I stopped after being thwarted one too many times. By what? Flying pink octopuses! (octopii?) Ugh! What is this!!

I demand a refund

wikipedia: list of common misconceptions

Different tastes can be detected on all parts of the tongue
I clearly remember SEVERAL teachers, the KBSR, and KBSM saying the exact opposite. I should’ve known when I put different types of food on different parts of my tongue, and couldn’t tell the difference!!

Some believe that the sky looks blue because it reflects the color of the ocean. The sky actually looks blue because the color of air varies with the viewing angle to the illumination source.
This, too!

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile
They did, however, teach me this correctly during Primary 6. I think they told me it was Benz, and I only remember this because of Mercedes-Benz. In Primary 6, they made everyone memorize the inventors of the steam train, television, telegraph, telephone, and etc etc. And during my UPSR Sains, did they ask any questions about who invented what? No. Cis!

There is no single theory that satisfactorily explains myopia – in particular, studies show that “eyestrain” from close reading and computer games does not explain myopia. There is also no evidence that reading in dim light causes vision to deteriorate.
Good! Now if everyone please shut up about me, books, and computers thankyouverymuch.

Space is not cold
I demand a refund from schools, and also various movies.

!#!()*&*#(*&(*&&&*^@# <—stress


The only radio station I can tolerate while driving has been playing a lot of Gershwin, hurray! Especially the fun parts of An American in Paris!

My introduction to Gershwin was when I Got Plenty of Nothin’ from Porgy and Bess showed up in the ABRSM piano exams. I don’t think it was my grade, though. Who knows? It’s been a long time. Sight readers, this what I could find on teh intarwebs: