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stress meningkat

sungguh stres! These are my classes this quarter

on campus: biology, chemistry, C++ programming, christian beliefs (17 units)
off campus: macroeconomics, calculus, music appreciation (12 units)

Gila! I have a midterm, 3 quizzes, 2 mini-essays, and 2 concert reviews for music appreciation and kerja rumah for macroeconomics yang due this SUNDAY at 10 pm.. (online classes… ada ganjil sikit). Why 10 pm? What happened to midnight?? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargghhhhh….

Bukan itu saja, malah ada lagi! (eh betulkah my BM that….?) and then Chemistry test on Thursday (26th jan), Biology test on Monday (30th), christian beliefs and macroeconomics test on tuesday (1st feb).

Matilahhhhhh….. this whole weekend i will be studying saja. memang this quarter I have no life. Inilah padahnya when para pelajar main-main in the beginning and don’t take real classes: last-last have to overload!

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