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berrien springs

Nikki from Malaysian Idol pun from Berrien Springs kah? Macam bau-bau kes reporter terconfuse her with Marsha pula this….

Anyway…. I’ve been in the dorms since Sunday. Pukima punya school, the cafe (cafeteria not open… cafe only) open once a day for about one hour only, and then itu pun jual overpriced drinks and sandwiches yang sudah berhari-hari kena display, ada kulat sudah mungkin tu. For lunch, paling murah option is cereal and milk. Tiada harapan breakfast, so I wake up late supaya tidak rasa no breakfast. Dinner lagilah tiada harapan, but I’ve been stealing from the kitchens. Funny also lah. (Hahaha nampaknya Pendidikan Moral tidak efektif langsung!)

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