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My computer has been dying. I need a new battery. It’s finals week, I have a paper due on Tuesday. The big one would be C++ Programming I on Tuesday. Biology on Thursday should be a yawner.

But! I haven’t done anything yet. I really should be studying.

College in America is actually shaping up to be pretty okay. Apparently I sound Asian-ish in real life, but put on my “former”? American accent when answering the phone at my part-time job. I don’t know! It all sounds the same to me!

And maybe I’m just unlucky, but I haven’t met a single decent Maths teacher yet.

And if things shape up okay, I’ll be off to school in Japan for a year, in Fall (september) 2007. You have no idea how much I want to go. Life, so far, has been very good to me.

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