berrien springs

Nikki from Malaysian Idol pun from Berrien Springs kah? Macam bau-bau kes reporter terconfuse her with Marsha pula this….

Anyway…. I’ve been in the dorms since Sunday. Pukima punya school, the cafe (cafeteria not open… cafe only) open once a day for about one hour only, and then itu pun jual overpriced drinks and sandwiches yang sudah berhari-hari kena display, ada kulat sudah mungkin tu. For lunch, paling murah option is cereal and milk. Tiada harapan breakfast, so I wake up late supaya tidak rasa no breakfast. Dinner lagilah tiada harapan, but I’ve been stealing from the kitchens. Funny also lah. (Hahaha nampaknya Pendidikan Moral tidak efektif langsung!)

I’ve been in the dorms for half a week now, for Christmas break. It’s actually not that bad. The cafeteria opens once a day for about an hour, and has two-day-old sandwiches and overpriced drinks. No hope for breakfast or dinner – so I’ve been having brunch instead of breakfast/lunch. Dinner is skipped – and if I’m hungry during dinnertime, I steal from the kitchens. There’s all kinds of packaged and microwaveable food in the dorm’s community fridge. I feel like a common thief but what can you do when you’re hungry and have no car.

‘Tis the season to be jolly – but I’m not. You know what, I don’t even send out Christmas cards anymore. Used to be I’d blow a lot of money on stamps and cards.

I guess I don’t care anymore. But I wish I did.

My computer has been dying. I need a new battery. It’s finals week, I have a paper due on Tuesday. The big one would be C++ Programming I on Tuesday. Biology on Thursday should be a yawner.

But! I haven’t done anything yet. I really should be studying.

College in America is actually shaping up to be pretty okay. Apparently I sound Asian-ish in real life, but put on my “former”? American accent when answering the phone at my part-time job. I don’t know! It all sounds the same to me!

And maybe I’m just unlucky, but I haven’t met a single decent Maths teacher yet.

And if things shape up okay, I’ll be off to school in Japan for a year, in Fall (september) 2007. You have no idea how much I want to go. Life, so far, has been very good to me.

new classes

I baru dapat my new classes for next year … ini dia: Biology bersama dengan makmalnya sekali, Microeconomics, Computer science, Religion (how come have to take religion every year?!?!?! Ini merupakan suatu ketidakadilan!!)