nasib malang

Waaaahhh! Today has been the crappiest day of the year. Stupid test, stupid presentation in class… and then I somehow manage to burn myself with boiling water, two inches away from you-know-where! (do not cook mee maggi at tables that are at waist level!!) Now pakai jeans pun susah, the edge of my jeans waist keeps rubbing against the burn!! Aaaargggghhhhhh I’m sad. =(


arghhhh… I lost my student ID card! And I knew within about 2 or 3 minutes of losing it too. Tapi I think someone else picked it up… crap. Esok terpaksa berdandan extra to take picture for new ID card.

crazy day

Lalala…. today will be a crazy day, lari sini lari sana study this study that. But next week cuti satu minggu! And then I can bermalas-malas! Hehehhe. Masa untuk bersuka-ria! (doi)


Ah! Finally hujung minggu! School this week sungguh gila – school next week ternyata akan lebih gila. hahahaha!

Next week only one test – in computer science class. That class ah… got 7 people only. All 7 pun merupakan anak jantan sejati!! Hahaha. (Sebenarnya… 6 boys, 1 girl).

leaving school

Hmph. I thought I was going to leave La Sierra next year (06-07), but it looks like I’ll be leaving 07-08 instead…. dunno, see lah. I’d LIKE to go to school X at location X next year, but maybe I can only go in Sept 2007. Huh. Lamanya!!!!!! We’ll see!

Sept 2007: This means I’ll be leaving school one year after Lisa finishes, and the same year Shaun finishes. if everything works out ok. See lah! okeh, going to go study for stupid biology test tomorrow ugh bencinya! School is getting in the way of my life!