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I’m back in Southern California now, one month before school starts – to continue with my job, and hopefully I’ll get some money before school starts at the end of September. I arrived on Sunday afternoon, and went straight to work on Monday morning. (Yes, you can avoid jetlag, if you time your sleep on the plane.)

All right. New school year, new stuff to do. I am going to try to blog regularly, because I need a record of what I did, so I can keep the memories, or at least remember who borrowed my Sociology textbook.

I can’t keep a paper diary because you won’t believe the amount of stuff people in America can accumulate. I feel as if I’m throwing out 5 kilos of paper and junk every weekend. No paper diary, because I refuse to accumulate stuff. About time I put this blog to use.

Found this on the Internet, Tee hee! Fun stuff. Geniuses!! I wanted to post it here, but it kind of jammed up my page … so go check it out!

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