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scanning gambar

Ya – my projek in my last one week and a half here, scan plenty of gambars to bring to La Sierra, for me to stare at during my free time. Shit man…. should’ve done this a long time ago. Running out of time bebeh!

This guy I used to know in primary school up to Form 1, E., is sending me nonstop declarations of love through the most *sarcasm*romantic*sarcasm* method out there, SMS. Ah well, in primary school, I used to think he was hot…. which pretty much stopped as soon as I got that Primary 6 graduation certificate. Atukk oii! Stop SMSing already!! Freak! (There’s other tales of other guys too, but tidak payah lah… I fikir about them also I want to muntah already. Muntahan darah!)

OSx86 is out! Please excuse me while I geek out.

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