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watching tv

I don’t know what I’ve been doing… when I’m bored, I watch TV. (internet is expensive lah!)

And for some reason I ended up watching something called Sinetron Cinta Dikalang Noda…. whatever that means. It’s one of those cheesy cliffhangers with “Bersambung….” at the end. Ya, I have no life. I might watch tomorrow because I swear the ugly girl in the red dress gave the pretty housewife some poisoned curry.

I also ended up watching telenovelas…. Isteri Seorang Pembelot! Haha! My IQ has just gone down a few points.

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  1. hahahah!”Sinetron Cinta Dikalang Noda”?lawakss….no other show kahh on TV??heheheh…dielah if i go back this, mmg terstuck infront of the TV (channel 15 particularly)everyday!!hehehe…:)

  2. Hehehe… I think it’s better to be stuck in front of the tv and have no worries rather than to be trapped in summer school. Summer school is an abuse of summer vacation.

    Glad to hear that you’re having fun though! Nice photos.