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arrived in singapore at around 11+ pm on Monday night…

(more pictures)

sitting in a very cool light/chair

the light/chair

Have no idea what’s being advertised, but I like the ad anyway!

all the stores were closed. had to walk about 10 minutes to find the only tempat makan that was still open…

… so this was my 3 am breakfast. no choice lah.

i never knew they were called “kamar kecil” and “apotik”

2 am

3 am

4 am

we went to cari the Rest Area and tidur. the chairs have built-in vibrator alarms

me trying to sleep. aiya! this isn’t supposed to be a slutty picture… i was taking pictures of myself, so i never really know how the picture’s going to turn out

two kinds of trees

waking up in singapore

bored. watching lord of the rings.

bored. watching people.

i thought changi was supposed to have wireless internet! apparently not all over the airport…. i didn’t have an ethernet cord with me, so i used these

watching movie trailers with shaun

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