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what the bloody fuck? i’m taking a bunch of pictures off my Flickr before they get spread all over the Internet. I’ve already found two, and have no idea how they got out. The bad thing about it is that they’re BOTH from my camera. And one of the pictures, it wasn’t even on my Flickr and the only scanned copy I have is back home in Tamparuli… but it was my camera and I’m the one whose throat is going to get cut. Argh! is where the second picture is. Who the FUCK is getting me in trouble?! and marsha deserves her privacy anyway.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this. It really sucks. Maybe you should be more careful about what pictures you post and where you post them. The internet is often a cold, evil place.

  2. omg!who put that picture there??i never posted that picture anywhere oso!!who da hell is Aerynth??where did they get that picture!!!arrggghhh!!!

  3. i’d like to know too. there’s another picture…. the url is in one of my bulan Mei blog entries, gambar crossroad di tenghilan.