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Gila week

setelah kerja macam orang gila for the past 2 weeks, berbaloi juga akhirnya!! Pay day @ bulan baru this Friday!

Someone stole my lab goggles in chem lab today… so I stole someone else’s too! I was one of the last people to leave lab, and there was a pair of goggles on another table – so I swiped that. Orang lain curi saya punya, bah, apa lagi… saya pun curi orang lain punya lah! We probably just exchanged goggles anyway.

This has been a good week, so far! Tuesday morning EVERYTHING was perfect konon hehehe.

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  1. hahaha…lawakslah you this..iya bah, orang lain curi yours, you also curi theirslah!hhahah…neways, when you balik sabah that???