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me talking online to a guy named alex, who wants to visit Sabah this july… he’s the one who was my banquet date and crashed the car. Anyway. He’s nice, but alamak, BODOHNYA orang putih ni!

I’m not Malay or Chinese… the fact that he said I’m Chinese annoyed me enough. I got more annoyed when he assumed that if I wasn’t Chinese, then I must be Malay because I’m Malaysian. (So if being Malaysian automatically makes me Malay, does that mean being an American automatically makes a person Caucasian?). It annoyed me even more when he said “all malays are chinese”.

him (9:55:18 PM): thai is cooler than malaysian
him (9:55:21 PM): haha
me (9:55:45 PM): thanks, it’s nice to know i’m not cool
him (9:56:05 PM): well u r chinese
me (9:56:11 PM): no alex
him (9:56:13 PM): and that is cooler than malaysian
me (9:56:13 PM): i’m not chinese
him (9:56:15 PM): so u r cool
him (9:56:17 PM): chink chink
me (9:56:28 PM): unless you haven’t noticed, i don’t have a chinese name………
him (9:56:34 PM): all malay are chinese if u think about it:-
me (9:57:16 PM): omg
me (9:57:19 PM): just don’t say that in public
him (9:57:30 PM): CHINESE!!!
him (9:57:34 PM): *points finger*
him (9:57:35 PM): haha

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