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ate this ganjil makanan at the office today… (always got food! i love my office!) it’s a mexican thing called a tamale. I ate the isi only hehehe. Not because I didn’t really like it, but I had breakfast.

usually my sarapan is wednesday mornings, but now macam tidak boleh lagi ni. I have to do 2 hours community service at the sekolah darjah down the street, from 8:15 to 10:15. Celaka. Wednesdays used to be my most rileks days, now wednesdays are my worst.

8:15 – 10:15 – 2 hours service learning AKA community service
12:00 – Violin (apparently, I suck)
3-6 – Chemistry lab (chemistry is evil!!!)

oh ya! i have guys in my bathroom right now! Hahaha! Actually they’re from the Physical Plant, repairing the clogged sink… so malangnya they’re not hot plumbers. Orang tua! Got cucu-cicit again maybe that! I dunno, either my roommate or bathmate selalu pour rice or noodles down the sink, terus clogged and we end up brushing our teeth & cuci tangan & sebagainya in the shower pula. So ghetto.

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