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listening to music from a few years ago…. M2M still rocks!! also jumpa some old songs I’d forgotten about, for example If You Only Knew by Gil feat. The Moffatts… remember? alamak the moffatts… punya long time ago. last time i heard, the twins were in a new band called Hidell.. and dave (the pemain keyboard) was auditioning for Canadian Idol. HOW i know this, i do not know……. shows just how much i pay attention to studying hahahahaa

apa lagi aa…. Crush by Jennifer Paige (aiya, biar lah, sia satu orang ja minat mungkin this) and a song by a girl from s club 7 yang suda berpecah-belah, rachel stevens… “sweet dreams my LA Ex” alamak teruknya tajuk lagu… the airport in Los Angeles is called LAX by the way…. adoiiii…

aiseh, i still ingat when in form 4, I borrowed the M2M cassette from Lorena… listened to it on a walkman while doing chem homework. and now…. still listening to M2M through a pair of headphones!!! (tidak boleh pasang muzik kuat-kuat…. must respect teman sebilik konon this) and doing chem homework! inda pandai habis-habis ni! bilalah siap chemistry this?! i liked it in secondary school tapi college macam mau mati oo!

oklah! mau pg tidur suda ni. 69 days more until balik sabah! balik kampung~~ooooo hati girang! oooo balik kampung~~ hati girang! perjalanan jauh tak ku rasa, kerna hati ku melonjak sama, ingin berjumpa sanak saudara, yang selalu bermain di mata!! (yaaaa ini diaaaa lagu zaman dulu-dulu yang i TERhafal during national servissss…. along with some lagu about putra-putri segala bangsa and chan mali chan…. eh daron, what were all those songs yang kena main over the loudspeakers at jam 5 pagi?? i don’t really ingat anymore… tanda-tanda mau tua ni)

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  1. yes yes kim, the putra putri song was my favorite! but stilll…lagu kegemaran no1 saya adalah lagu tema khidmat negara..but i must admit i forgot the last stanza already! bodoh betul saya nie!!!!!!!!

  2. i have that LAX song! wakaka…ew Gil was nasty (but I almost lupa that song!). and is that moffatt twin even qualified to audition? i bet he won’t get thru, they kinda had bad voice haha.