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It’s amazing how much junk Americans have. I swear I’ve accumulated over 10 tons of stuff in my tiny dorm room already. And apparently, I need it all.

Today’s my cleaning-out day. Throwing out everything! (Well…. not sure about that.)

Only about two months left until I go home to Sabah for summer! Can’t wait. And I’m pretty sure everyone’s going to be checking to see if I’ve become more gemuk since coming to America.

What’s with that, anyway? Someone goes overseas for college and comes back, and everyone’s convinced that this person a) has been pregnant or has fooled around with those foreign boys, b) gained 10 kg, c) considers self to be better than everyone else back home, and insists on flaunting an American/British/Australian accent and speak nothing but English. Come on!! We’re not all like that!

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