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aduh. adoi. aduhai. or whatever the right word is, i never really paid attention during Bahasa Malaysia or Bahasa Melayu or whatever that class was called. BM sajalah!!

Anyway. Aduh/adoi/aduhai!! punya main TIDAK cantik my markah this triwulan hahaha…. tidak mengapa!! Still can!

i am in virginia now, visiting my auntie and uncle…. sejuk oh here (compared to california lah). it’s around 50+ degrees fahrenheit now… dunno what that is in celsius… dunno what it means in fahrenheit too. People tell me it’s 50+ ºF now, my reaksi is “OK, wah, panasnya if Celsius that”! hahaha! berbulan-bulan already i here, i still not faham-faham the sistem fahrenheit. never mind!!

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  1. ohhh!! patut pun i never see you online? you sedang berenjoy in virginia? muahahahahaha! enjoy!!!!!