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negri sembilan

billy, now in college in Negri Sembilan. this guy sat next to me in class from form 2 to form 5… age 14 to 17 man!! no kidding! in the background, menara kuala lumpur or whatever it’s called (sungguh memalukan bangsa dan negara! i don’t remember apa gia nama that stupid tower).

but me and my rakan seperjuangan daron tetap memegang rekod sit next to each other from form 1 to form 5! well not really next to each other in Form 1, but i sat behind him and Alviu bah kan! =) but adeh Alviu was 13 and he didn’t know what a period was. Jadi i made sure to mengajar/mengotori him about it! hahaha!! Posted by Hello

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  1. Hi Kim, I’m Alviu Rey,your old classmate, and i just happened to search out this blog of yours, and guess what, I’m happy to know that you are in your tertiary education. Congratulations that you did well in SPM!

    Well, that’s true during the time when we were still in Form 1, i didn’t know what a period was…yeah, now I know that period is the multiplicative inverse of frequency !!!(speaking of physics)

    I like to get connected with you (and the rest of our old friends as well), through e-mail. So, may I have your e-mail address? If it is affirmative with you, just send it thru

    Have a nice nice day to all!!!!
    Salam Teman!!!!