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chinese new year

I called my parents last night – must check up with the parentals every now and then bah this konon. Haha! Anyway.

Waaa.. tahun baru cina is starting soon! and I won’t be there!! Bencinya. Things that I will not be there for:

– Mandarin oranges

– My grandpa’s special chinese new year dishes

– playing that card game, forgot what the name is

– filling the spinning tray with kuaci and gummy candy

– Eating the gummy candy

– the Rampasan / Gadait / Chai / Loo barbeque

– playing with (illegal, hehe!) firecrackers

– hearing Ricky set off his nine million and one firecrackers at midnight

– angpau!

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  1. PulangLah kata Misha Omar….ahahahahha!! Bah..bah..capat2 la abis blajar so bulih bersatu buat those activities again…skrang sudah kurang orangszzz….tak hidup la suasana…ahahahhaahha!!!!