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first day kelas

ok also lah my classes. not bad so far. Kimia teacher is better… my last kimia teacher was nice and funny, but i kept zoning out anyway. ahahhahaha….

Taking these classes this quarter:

General Sociology (4 units)

College Algebra (4 units)

General Chemistry II (5 units)

Growing Up in America / Service Learning (4 units)

Violin (1 unit)

good good. i might drop sociology or growing up in america… maybe I’m taking too many units for a freshman. dunno. see lah!!

today ada dua orang Indonesia stopped by the office… they were talking to each other in Indo and talking to me in English. kejap lagi i want to kasi masuk-masuk my bahasa melayu konon, but inda sia berani bah. malulah hihihii.

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  1. wahhh…you’re taking 18 units as a freshman!ehehehhe…di sini only 15 credits, depends on your GPA lah…ehehehhe…if it’s above 3, you can take up to 18..goodlah that!eheheeh…next time, cakap only bah the bahasa indo style sabahan!!akakkakakak….