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ok. planning my resolutions. i usually stick to them, so try and see lah what happens this year

1. have a decent christmas

2. never tell anyone my birthday

3. JANGAN kapel or whatever dengan anyone in college. kada pogia!!

4. don’t sleep all the time

5. go to church at least 3x a quarter (celaka, so hard to bangun bah this.)

6. belajar. don’t gagal any classes.

will hit myself on head with heavy object if break any resolutions. okeh? ahahaha.

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  1. I noe ur bday…sleep is fun bah..amalkan slalu…uishh..kapel kim….cari orang puteh…adik/kakak dia kasi sia la…ahhahahahaha…..!!


  2. Wow… tough asks altogether like that… good luck Kim, you’re gonna need it!

    Jangan pukul your kepala hard. Itu menyiksa diri. Not worth the brain cells lost. They can’t be replaced, you know.

    Since you didn’t specify how hard to hit, a slight tap will do without compromising on the method of punishment. :)