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It’s now the day after the 2004 Elections in America, and it brings me back to my memories. I remember being in Khidmat Negara in mid-March, standing in line for breakfast at Kem Ovai, looking up and seeing Kerry on the TV screen. At that point, we were all with the frameset of “We’re never going to get outta here.” Just seeing him on the news gave me the reassurance that yes, there was an outside world. Yes, I would be getting out soon. Yes, I’d be free.

I remember watching Kerry and thinking, This guy has to win. He’s going to stop that warmongering idiot of a Bush. Now Kerry, he knows what he’s doing. The army is screwed up, heck, what I’m in is barely half an army and it’s already screwing up most of us. Good guy, Kerry. Gotta win, get us all out of the army and wars.

And then Bush wins. Dammit. How could he even say, “The American people have spoken”? Half the American people spoke for him, the other half were all for Kerry, duh. The real states like California and New York were all for Kerry, it was those nowhere places like Nebraska and North Dakota that went for that redneck Bush.

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