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Finally got some time to myself tonight, to surf the Net and update myself on home. From now on, I’ll post more regularly. I need to do it, all the stress is building up and I need a punching bag. Virtual punching bag a.k.a. blog is fine too.

Things I didn’t know until tonight:

– Anwar Ibrahim is free

– Form 5 students are in the middle of SPM 2004 right now. Meaning that everyone else in secondary school will be enjoying cuti SPM, when the core subjects come along.

– Several national papers are on available online now, average price RM 35 a month for one paper. Now, if only they had Daily Express…. I need my Sabah news. Oh wait! THEY HAVE THE SABAH TIMES! The only reason I ever read that paper was because my secondary school boyfriend would obsessively read about the Sabah football team, saying that The Sabah Times was the backbone of the Rhinos, therefore they had the best coverage.

– William Hung will be performing in Genting, on Nov 15. Oh gawd. Check out the link on The Star.

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