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You know what – I think it’s time I moved on to another website. I’ve owned a domain since March last year, it’s about time I bought a hosting plan and started using it. Then I’ll have more flexibility and … stuff like that.

I feel as if I’ve outgrown this blog. It’s best known for the National Service posts I did, and I don’t do them anymore. I was discharged in May, about six months ago. (Whoa. Half a year. It hasn’t felt like half a year.) I’m a college student in California now …. let me just add that I feel extremely grateful and lucky that I’m here. Without the scholarships, I would still be in Tamparuli, probably with my relatives trying to marry me off to some random guy. Anyway. California. I’m here now, and the blog is going in a completely different direction. Maybe it’s time that I moved. will still exist. I’ll just import all my posts over to my domain, but I’ll leave my NS 2004 posts here. There are still a few search requests for “Khidmat Negara” and other phrases, that send surfers to this blog. So, the NS posts will stay.

But I’m not leaving yet. I’m still here. I have this huge guilt feeling whenever I spend money. And a web hosting plan costs money.

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