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I’m getting a laptop next week (finally!), so I’ll be able to be on the Internet more often. And I’ll be able to type up my class papers more easily …. instead of going to the library or computer lab, and ending up typing a long paper on a computer not connected to the printer or Internet. >_< Gah. Long story. Today was stupid. Last night a girl from my office (Chris) and I returned the office’s golf cart to Security. I’d never done it before, and she left it unlocked and not plugged in – saying she didn’t know how to, and Security would do it. And this morning, Julian (the guy who threw his ring at my head) goes off at me and says, “Did you work last night?” Yes. “Did you return the golf cart?” And I said yes, although I should have said that I didn’t return it, but I was there. And then he goes off at me, saying that I should lock it up and plug it in to charge the battery. Duh. Weirdo. Yesterday he was telling everyone, Yeah, out of all the new workers, Kim’s my favourite. (I didn’t interrupt and say that he’s my least favourite.) And then today he gets all mad at me … I don’t mind people getting mad at me, but I’m pissed because it WASN’T MY FAULT. Bloody Chris.

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