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so I’m in college now, finally. Southern California’s a long way away from Sabah. And I don’t just mean distance… everything’s a long shot away. Everyone acts and dresses in ways that I’d never see on the street in Sabah, but I’m fascinated anyway.

It’s my second Monday in college, and I’m so tired.

Regular schedule: Up at 6 am, no breakfast, to classes, to job, no lunch, to classes, dinner (finally!), up the hill to the library to type up my papers (I don’t have a computer… very sad. That’s why I don’t post very often.), back to room, take shower, sleep at 12 pm or 1 am.

Not too many friends. I basically keep to myself, but I do hang out occasionally with 4 guys who used to attend the academy down the street. I haven’t really hung out with any girls yet. (Actually, I haven’t hung out with any girls at ALL.)

Gah. And they say it’s the friends you make in college that last. If that’s the case, then I’m screwed.

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