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Phone call from Dean of Education’s office. Second interview tomorrow! She’s narrowed it down to two people, and wants to narrow it down to – well – one.

Went shopping with my aunty J, cousin B, and sister. And also my 3 year old cousin C. They nickname her Cait-Cait. But it looks better as ‘Kate-Kate’ when written down, so let’s call her Kate here.

Anyway. Suddenly Kate exclaims with glee in the car, “Testicles! Testicles!” and all of us laugh so hard. Have no idea where she could’ve picked that up from.

We tried to change her to saying ‘Popsicles’ instead, so she said popsicles. Just as we’d convinced ourselves we’d wiped ‘testicles’ out of her mind, she suddenly burst out again – “Testicles!”

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