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Called the Dean of Education, turned down job. Bad hours. According to my mother, whose message was relayed by my aunt Jeanie in Virginia.

Check the board for job openings. A new one at the Registrar! I apply. Please, please, please let me get this job. It has summer and school break hours, and I need those hours.

Also make as-soon-as-possible appointment with Enrollment counselor. My SPM grades aren’t accepted, I’ll have to take the ACT or SAT instead. Aaargh. If I knew, I wouldn’t have taken the SPM in the first place. Am going to try and sort it out on Tuesday, July 20.

Oh – they write their dates the other way around here. July 20 is not 20/7, like back home. It’s 7/20. Confusing, very confusing. When I get a date such as 7/6, I get confused. 6 July, or 7 June?

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