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Ack. I have a whole backlog of stuff to write up. I used to keep a paper journal, but I guess being in America, that’s the end of my paper journals. Takes up too much space. So everything’s going up on the Internet now.

I have a whole bunch of blogs I’d like to add to the list on the right, but I’m just too lazy. I have to make sure I do it sometime soon.

Life here, so far, has been interesting. People here are just so friendly, and so nice! I don’t know why back home in Malaysia, I was always taught that Westerners are lazy, useless, rude, unfriendly, etc., etc., and want everyone else to act like them. No such thing. People are just soooo nice here.

For example, back home everyone pretty much goes on their own business. You go to the bank, you get your stuff done, goodbye. You go to the post office, ask for two stamps, the postal worker silently gives you two stamps and takes your money, you take the stamps, and “thank you” is optional. Here, you go to the bank and chit-chat about everything and anything with your bank teller, the way you might chat with your hairdresser.

Went for a job interview today, at the Registrar. The 2 people who interviewed me were really, really nice. I wouldn’t mind working with them. I have no idea whether or not I’ll be hired.

P left for home today. She’ll be back next week, I think. The cake hasn’t been baked yet.

Was eating lunch with 4 others in the cafeteria today, when the talk suddenly strayed over to gay guys. One guy said, he once had a gay workmate who was vegetarian. And they were always bugging him to eat some meat, because he was so thin… and the workmate gave them this sly look and answered, “I *do* eat meat.”

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