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Nothing much today. P went to the boys’ dorm last night, with CeCe. I have no idea what time she came back to the room. But when I fell asleep at 1 am, she still wasn’t back. She’s been here since last Friday, and she’s only stayed in once. The rest of the time, she comes back at who-knows-what time. Once, she made sure to bring a pack of chewing gum with her before going out. Lisa teased her about that – “P, what do you need the chewing gum for??”

At 10 am, went for my job interview at the Registrar. I have no idea whether or not they liked me, but they were roaring with laughter at some of my answers. The interview lasted 20 minutes, and I’m not sure whether or not that means they like me or not. Is 20 minutes a long time for an interview? And of course, they asked the standard question – so far, both job interviews that I’ve gone to have asked me this question – “Can you explain how is it possible that you type at 104 words per minute?”

I don’t know. I took the clerical test (computerised) on 29 June, and that’s what I scored. So I answered, “I don’t know, I’m still trying to figure it out.”

After the interview, I went back to the dorm just as P was leaving (“I’m going early today, I know where the bus station is now, and I am SO not missing this one!”).

Lunch with my sister Lisa and her workmate, Monica. Fun.

And dinner with Lisa and Shaun at the cafeteria, and one of Shaun’s friends. They had Chinese food today, but you’d never find anything like that in the Chinese restaurants or homes in Malaysia. Too sweet.

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