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After finishing lunch, Lisa and I bump into Shaun, all excited because he just finished his last day of summer classes.

“Let’s go to the mall!”

And we do.

Lisa bought a wedding card for our organic uncle (my nickname for him, because he’s so obsessed with being a vegan, he brings his own food to restaurants), and a birthday card for D back home.

Shaun was looking at shoes, but none of them particularly interested him. Finally he bought two books – The Da Vinci Code (what is it with this book? Everyone, and I mean everyone is reading it! Must read it one of these days, too. Cannot kalah.). And also the prequel (?) to the book. Angels and Men, I think the title was.

(Whoops. Just did check. It’s Angels and Demons, not Angels and Men. Tee hee.)

Me? I finally bought a journal, after the past month of writing on paper bags from the cafeteria. “You weirdo,” said Shaun after I told him of my paper bags.

“But a journal’s so expensive!” I said, still converting prices into ringgit.

Lisa and Shaun tell me that after a year or so, I’ll stop converting prices. Or after I get a job. “Just get it,” said Shaun. “You won’t regret it.”

Missed the 3 pm bus back, so we browsed around Circuit City – electronics and gadgets. Wah! Great stuff. And then at 4 pm, we took the wrong bus. Eastbound instead of Westbound. So we were headed further and further away from the university. Finally got off at the 2nd stop (we’d boarded on the 9th!). And by the time we got back, it was 6:20 pm and the college cafeteria was closed. Two hours and a half on the wrong bus, compared to 10 minutes on the right bus!

Lisa and I joke to Shaun about how unlucky he is, first time on the bus and he gets on the wrong one with us. He’s been here longer than Lisa and I, but he’s never been on the bus before. Which is good, because that means he didn’t have to run after buses – or arrive at the bus stop, only to see the bus driving away.

So for dinner, we went to Del Taco for tacos, burritos, quesadillas, etc. I had a Spicy Chicken Taco, and a piece of my sister’s cheesy quesadilla. I liked the quesadilla better.

Strange American thing: they clean up after themselves, in fast food restaurants! Suddenly remember my sister cleaning up after herself at McDonalds back in Sabah, and me telling her to stop – it’s not what we usually do back home, right?

Shaun says, Yeah, if you carefully watch the foreigners back home, they clean up after themselves.

Strange American Thing immediately becomes Good American Thing, in my mind. But I doubt I’ll clean up after myself when I get back to Sabah next year. I’ll clean up in America, but I’m not sure about home – not sure yet.

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