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Didn’t do much today.

Actually, didn’t do anything today.

P came in at around 3 or 4 am, I think. Last night, she’d text-messaged my sister, saying that she was coming over. (They say ‘text message’ here, not SMS.) Around 1 am, my sister and I fell asleep, but left the door unlocked for her.

Woke up to hear P talking to someone – Lisa, I guess. Lisa later told me, she’d got quite a shock when P poked her awake.

Spent the day reading the library books, laughing out loud over Bridget Jones, and also Calvin & Hobbes. And kept on the edge of my seat (OK – bed) by To Kill a Mockingbird. Cannot believe how much I’ve been missing out on. Why couldn’t I find that book in libraries back home? Why couldn’t I find any book back home? (Although I did find Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita in the KK library. Woohoo.)

Lisa took a shower around 12 pm, and fell asleep for a few hours. Got some dinner for her from the cafeteria. Initially, I packed three chicken nuggets (vegetarian chicken nuggets, I might add), but was later tempted to swipe one. Did I? I did.

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