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Before I left, my grandfather gave me some kocung he had made. Good stuff. Except that it was a month ago, and I ate one of them last night. It was great, but all mushy and – eegh. I think I may be sick.

Still no job. Aargh. Got beaten out for the Registrar job by one person. If that person drops the job, I’ll get it – but not likely. It’s a great job.

Looking forward to messing around with my blog layout, but feeling lazy at the same time. Ho ho ho.

P didn’t come in at all last night – she only reappeared in the morning. I asked my sister, What do you think she’s doing out all night? (Her answer: “I don’t want to know.”)

So my sister and I spent the night tuning in to various Internet radio stations, Malay and Indo. Listening to the Indo stations, Lisa said to me, No wonder orang Semenanjung think we [Sabahans] sound like Indonesians! We sound like them!!

Except, she says, that Sabahans probably talk faster than Indonesians? There’s an Indonesian guy in her office – and he says she talks fast.

Found a list of Malaysian radio stations (not all on the Internet, though). Disappointed to see all from Semenanjung, one from Sarawak, and zero from Sabah. Where’s the Sabahan radio stations? Whoops, sorry – I meant, Where’s the Sabahan radio station? (Only one local radio station. Sadly.)

A few days ago, also told this to her and Shaun: during National Service, a girl got up in front of 600 trainees during Refleksi at night. And with the microphone, said, “Sebelum datang ke Sabah, kite ingat orang-orang kat Sabah ni, sume tinggal kat atas pokok. Tapi lepas datang kat sini, nampak maju sikit juge le.” Shaun said he would’ve thrown his shoe at her. Lisa said she would’ve booed.

Am also pissed because Sabah contributes the most money to Malaysia’ economy, yet is the most backward.

Another story I told them is of how we girls would lie in wait for each other, around corners in camp and also at UMS. We’d swipe at each other – at first we’d just pat each others’ boobs and giggle, but pretty soon we’d reach out, squeeze, and run off giggling. The squeezed person would chase after the person, in order to squeeze back in revenge, of course. We would also swipe each others’ butt cracks – “Credit card!” we’d squeal joyfully, run off, get chased down, get swiped back, and repeat. Or choose another victim for swiping. We’d also do the same thing with the gap between our boobs – “Bonuslink!”

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