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Had to disappear for a few days – I went to stay in Loma Linda for five days in hell, starting Wednesday. And on Thursday, to San Bernardino to attend my organic uncle’s wedding.

My uncle’s a vegan, which means he eats less stuff than a vegetarian does. No white flour, no eggs, no milk. In other words, he doesn’t eat anything that has a shadow. Have no idea how they managed to make the tiga tingkat vegan cake, but they did. It tasted like a normal cake – except it had wheat. And no flour, no eggs, no milk.

I liked the wedding reception. The bride was from a Filipino family, and while they were doing their wedding dance, the relatives came up and pinned money to the new couple’s clothes.

Also met the bride’s sister, a very interesting woman named Honey. She’d arrived in the US seven months ago, in January. It’s now July, and she’s already happily married to a US citizen. The American dream, the green card!

My very strange aunts (elder sisters to Organic Uncle) were – uh. They were bringing home everything they could find and carry, “because we’re relatives”. Flowers, decorations, bells, plants, vases. It was embarassing. And when the Filipino family asked them to join the dance, they stuck up their noses and said, “No, we’re Christians, we don’t believe in dancing.” I couldn’t believe it. What’s the connection between being Christian and dancing, I’d like to know?

After the wedding, continued staying in Loma Linda. And on Saturday, drove over to Hollywood – Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, the Kodak Theatre, Universal Studios. At Universal Studios, they were cleaning up after the premiere of Thunderbirds – well, at least I can say I saw a premiere site.

By the way … I came in #5 on the Yahoo search of instructions on how to take off a bra. Not sure on whether I should feel honoured or shocked.

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