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Oh, great. My mother telephoned and, as usual, was talking about money and jobs and etc. So to throw her off the track, I mentioned my “National Service diary”. And now she wants to read it. No, I am not eager for her to read this entire blog, swoop down on me, and say, “You did WHAT?” So I guess the best thing to do would be to print it out, cut out the parts I don’t want her to read, bind it, and mail it to her.

And while I’m at it, I think I’ll make another version, adding in stuff that I’d left out. And that 2nd version, to keep for myself. (My sister asked for a copy, so I guess that makes two of the 2nd version.) If I ever get around to doing it.

Maintenance came into the dorm room yesterday, to fix some things. Two students (both boys) and an older woman from Panama. The Panama woman and I started talking about how fruits here tasted nothing like the fruits at home – and how expensive fruit is here, compared to back home. The boys must’ve thought we were an odd pair, a Black woman and an Asian girl talking about fruit.

They pretty much ignored us, anyway. They were busy telling jokes to each other. A sample: “What do Bush and Martha Stewart have in common? They’re both afraid of long sentences!”

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