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So my flight’s all set. Kota Kinabalu to Singapore – then after a couple of days there, on to Los Angeles. Transits at Tokyo Narita and San Francisco.

Only about an hour each at Tokyo and San Francisco. I wish I had a bit more time, to look around the airport. Because, well– Japan!!

Things I’m going to miss: Tuhau (doesn’t matter that they say it smells like kosisang – it’s great stuff), and also bosou. Of course, I’m bringing along a small bottle of tuhau … but bosou is out of the question. That would be almost as odour-hazardous as bringing a durian.

In the bag: Some clothes. A towel. Some toiletries…yeah, well, I’m one of those girls with three kinds of facewashes.

Still talking nonstop about National Service with my friends – eck, when will this stop? And found out (shock!) that a 3rd intake girl had been raped at Kompleks Sukan Likas… my friend had been one of the first the girl had told about the incident, before she (reluctantly – you understand) reported it. And of course, it was all hushed up.

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