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Okay, I hope I don’t regret this. Here’s some of my NS pictures.

Yes, that’s the IKBN fight. But that particular picture didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to – the fighting was pretty much ending by the time I took the picture. But you can still see a bit of action in front of the trainee with the No.6 jersey. Most of it is blocked, though. On the left, you can see three jurulatihs (our Timbalan Pengarah Kem only half in the picture, a jurulatih in all white Dunhill, and another with a red shirt and blowing a whistle) shooing the trainees and IKBN students off the field.

And a picture outside the Secretariat’s office, while trying to go home for Qing Ming. Only one window panel was open, and we crammed and tried to get the people inside to take our ICs and papers. And after they were done with the paperwork, they’d wave the ICs in the air and yell, “Um, ok, siapa punya IC ni??” when trying to return them.

The very fuzzy pictures with numbers on them (1, 2, 4) are from a friend’s APS photo index… very small pictures, that’s why they’re so fuzzy.

Here’s the whole gallery:

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