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I’m finally getting better. This is good. After days of staring down the toilet bowl and puking my guts up, I’m better. Except for the runny nose. What is it with the nose, anyway? First to get it, last to get well.

Strange phone conversations over the past few days. First, from my hyper Auntie Jeanie – “I telephoned Po Po (grandma)’s house just now and nobody picked up the phone?! Where are they?! Are they OK?!”

I told her that maybe they’re doing their usual routine, going to Tuaran early in the morning to get fresh fish from the market.

“NO! I called them at 6:30 am, they don’t go to Tuaran to buy fish that early! ”

But it rained yesterday, so maybe they thought there wouldn’t be a lot of fish in the market? And they decided to go early? I asked her about this.

“Never mind! I’ll try again later! OK?!” Click!

And second, from my ex-classmate Pris. She said that she goes club-hopping every night. (I don’t believe her.) And that there’s this handsome guy hitting on her. (Uhm.) And that he’s given her his credit card, and puts RM 1000 in it every beginning of the month. (Do credit cards work that way?) And that he’s promised her a car. “Saya suka lelaki yang kaya saja, yang ada kereta. Aii, susah lah ni, banyak betul lelaki minat saya bah,” she said. I could hardly believe our conversation was actually taking place.

Then, my mother. “Have you practiced curling your hair this afternoon?”


“The iron curlers in my room.”

No. No. NO.

“You’re eighteen years old and you still don’t know how to curl your hair?!”

My mother thinks I can’t curl my own hair (this is sadly true), and can’t tell the difference between lipstick and face powder (Oh yes I can. One of them is red and sticky.).

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