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Went home today on the excuse of Qing Ming, the Chinese All Souls’ Day, to visit elders’ gravesites. Typed out a huge backlog of entries, from February 15 up to today!

Havoc at the UMS Stadium as parents and trainees were trying to check out of the university. The secretariat room was closed, because the staff were having breakfast!! “Where is Encik Azhar?!” everyone was fuming.

Encik Azhar finally appeared much, much later. Everyone was pushing and trying to get their slips of paper and ICs through the small window. The staff would take the paper (containing the trainee’s name, IC number, college and block and room number) and the parent’s IC, process the paper, and start yelling out the parent’s name. Everyone was worried that the staff would accidentally lose their IC’s.

We had to sign out on a sheet of blue paper, but by the time the sheet appeared, some trainees had already left the place. The staff were yelling, “Mana itu kertas mau tulis nama?” and other staff were asking, “Kertas? Kertas apa? Ada mau tulis nama di kertas kah tu?”

Finally got out after about an hour of havoc. Completely unorganised. My mother’s IC was photocopied onto a “surat perjanjian”, that she berjanji akan menghantar anaknya kembali ke Universiti Malaysia Sabah sebelum jam 6 petang pada hari Ahad. Also a letter permitting me to go home.

Habibah – I have met one girl from SM Sains, named Adriana. She said she knows you. ^_^

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