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Arrived at UMS at 5:30 pm, surprised to see new feature by roads heading into Kolej A/B and C/D. Guardhouse ‘pencils’ and roadblocks, the kind that go up and down, just like at those parking lots.

Checked in at UMS Urusetia, secretariat building at the stadium. I see they’ve put some sort of velvet rope (but it’s yellow) to signal that we have to line up. Staff barely paid attention to me signing in, I could’ve signed in some other people and they wouldn’t have noticed. Being the person I am, I almost did.

5:30 pm and hardly any signed-in signatures on blue sheet of paper. (On official letter, we are to sign in to UMS before 6 pm).

Sent my clothes to dobi, laundry service for second time. Not bad, the laundry services by SMS Kg Likas Sdn Bhd. They don’t mark the clothes, just tag them. Excellent. They use softener, etc., clothes smell very nice and fresh.

Tonight’s a free night. No activities. Good. Will be able to turn in early tonight.

Girls here love telling ghost stories. Plenty of ghost stories circulated even while still in Ovai Papar. They said they’d feel people holding their feet at night and trying to shake them awake, someone regularly rummaging around for plastic bags (“hantu plastik”), seeing a woman in white trying to get under her kelambu (mosquito net). Also a boy going to bathe at 3 am and saw a woman in white standing in centre of communal bathing tank. He ran off, came back later to retrieve toothbrush – but toothbrush gone.

Boys here peek at girls through windows – and believe me, vice versa too. A friend told me of girls peeking at them, giggling away. “Sebab kamurang pakai seluar pendek saja!” I poked him, to which he replied, “Bah, tahulah – lelaki, kan!” Yeah.

Community here is excellent. Most are very friendly, and i t’s easy to make friends. Dorm life is excellent, except for thievery.

Saturday was claim-money from BSN day. Bet you anything thievery has just been jacked up another notch.

I remember Joan telling me of spotcheck for her stolen handphone – didn’t find handphone, but saw macam-macam ragam. Used sanitary pads strewn about the room (yuck), and worse, the pads seemed … not so fresh. A couple of days old, like matured cheese.

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