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Morning exercise getting on our nerves. Our jurulatih makes us do endless jumping jacks – “tepuk lalat”. If we’re not in sync, or someone claps hands without jumping, he makes us stop and do a few more extra. Even when we’re in sync, he enjoys – yes, grins broadly and giggles, “Berhenti! OK – tadi 10 kan? Sebab kawan kamurang tidak buat, tambah 5, jadi 15~!!” We groan and yell No, and he says, “OK, sebab kamu bising, banyak cakap, kita buat 25!”

Some girls tell me he stares freely at girls’ chests a lot, doing the whole up-down thing, eyes-resting-on-breasts eye movement. Eeww. Eeeww. Reminds me of the paramedic we nicknamed Paramedik Gatal while in Ovai Papar. He’d tell us all sorts of lewd stories such as, Apa perbezaan antara kereta baru dengan pengantin baru? Kereta baru kalau nampak lubang, terus dia elak. Kalau pengantin baru nampak lubang, terus masuk!! (“What’s the difference between a new car and a newly married couple? A new car will avoid a hole on the road, a new couple will go straight for the hole!”) There are a few more – no – many more stories, but I think one is more than enough for this blog.

After one week of not taking attendance, faci(litator)s start taking attendance again. I almost board bus from dorm to class before my friend says, “Kim, tu nah ko punya faci” and I go, “What?”

I go over to my faci to get my attendance marked. They say attendance is sent to KL headquarters thrice a day.

Accidentally get sent to Sekolah Sains dan Teknologi (SST) instead of SKTM, I forgot what it stands for. None of us got off bus, because we noticed all the other buses were marked Kolej B or Kolej C (3rd intake). 3rd intake has separate module… 1st intake did Pembinaan Karakter prev two weeks, 3rd intake did Modul Kenegaraan. Switched today.

We get off bus at 8:15 am and start milling about aimlessly for 5 minutes before facis come out and tell us to line up, 15 to a line, girls and boys separate of course.

We see bunch of students walking to SKTM from SST (they were sent to wrong building), about a 150 m walk. Luckily I didn’t have to walk! The sun fritters us.

Line up under the sun until 9:15 am, when finally they let us go into the building. One hour of being turned into ikan masin! Oh well, once in a lifetime experience. My first class had only 14 girls – no boys. Supposed to be 15 boys and 15 girls to a class.

Led to a foyer and told to wait until teatime, when they’d get the class thing sorted out. Tea and prepackaged raisin buns sealed (yay!) in plastic bags. Very organised, excellent.

Back to foyer – suddenly facis announce (around 11 pm) for everyone to line up bertiga-tiga outside, to separate into new groups. “Rombak semula!” Back under the hot sun.

Ketua faci splits us up, yells at us, “Oi! Kamu jangan pilih-pilih kawan, kalau saya suruh kamu bergerak, bergeraklah woi!!” Maki hamun.

Get put in group with 17 girls and 14 boys, draw lots and expell one girl. “Akademi Fantasia!” joke the boys. “Survivor! Jangan nangis, ya …”

I later hear of a class with all Chinese, no other races. Apparently some Dusuns tried to mix in, and the Chinese were, “No! No! Kami mau sama-sama!” and the faci yelled at the Dusuns, what are you doing, get back in line! A friend rolls her eyes and say, “Yeah, well, that’s the MCA gang.”

At 12 pm, get out for lunch, everyone berebut-rebut to get into the buses as usual, just like while at Pembinaan Karakter. We joke that after NS training ends, we NS trainees will be first at everything: nombor satu berbaris ambil makanan! Nombor satu naik bas! Nombor satu semua!!

A friend says that for church service, he had to arrange for transportation again. Woke up his facilitator who exclaimed, “Aiyah, saya lupa oh!” Ended up stuffed/overloaded in bus like sardines again, just like last week. Last week it was about 40 to 50 of us stuffed in a 22-seater minibus, some standing up, some sitting on bus steps, etc., you can imagine.

Passed by janitor’s brush, dustpan, brooms, buckets in SKTM hallway. “Eh, peralatan kita! Ambil, ambil, jangan tak ambil…” we joke, referring to our ‘pencuci tandas’ uniforms.

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