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Facis enjoy yelling at us even more now. We haven’t had any morning exercise for a few days running now. All we do is line up, get yelled at for not having full attendance. This morning, we had breakfast half an hour late, got yelled at nonstop (“Woi!”), facis pointing fingers at us with faces contorted in rage. Seriously. Surreal but true. We had to rush to get ready for classes at SKTM, and ended up late.

Last night, the Christians were asked to stay back in line while “everyone else” went for tea. They told us that they would be giving us cards, to use to get on and off the buses to church. The cards are meant so that non-Christians can’t tag along to church, and ‘menyimpang’ to shopping centres … well, that’s what they say.

Yelling broke out when the faci said, No, you can’t go back for Good Friday. A trainee asked, “Can’t we go back to celebrate Good Friday with our families? What about Jalan Salib?”

The faci said, “Saya sudah bertanya dengan father di gereja kamurang, dia kata not compulsory.”

Lots of protests, but the faci says, No, they can’t go home, they can’t go for the programmes, except for those approved by the Urusetia.

“What if we want to join the other programmes? Kenapa orang Cina boleh balik masa Qing Ming, kami tidak boleh?” asked another trainee.

“Hanya yang dipersetujui oleh Urusetia! Kami sudah bermesyuarat. Good Friday tidak perlu dilakukan dengan keluarga, boleh dilakukan sendiri. Qing Ming lain lagi!” said the faci.

I think it’s a bit unfair. So they can’t go to their “not compulsory” programs? What if they want to? Shouldn’t they be able to?

Read something about a NS loyalty card, on the Internet. Haven’t heard anything about it from the facis or administration.

Got yelled at again while walking to class. Faci asked, “Kamu pergi mana?”


“Hoi~! Apa ni, kenapa lambat? Jalan terhegeh-hegeh! Woi!! Jalan cepat sikit!” he yelled in my face, poking finger at me. His face, contorted with rage, was close enough for me to feel his spit flying, splattering on my face. Ugh. I wasn’t late. None of us were. I don’t know why they like yelling at us so much.

Yesterday, my Modul Kenegaraan faci told our class something the Ketua Faci told them. They caught a National Service trainee loitering around in town (!!). Have no idea how the trainee got there. Anyway, he was spotted (I guess because of the uniform?) and dragged off to the urusetia. They asked him why he wasn’t in class, and he replied, “Ala, Modul Kenegaraan ni boring lah!”

Classes visit other classes for the “Mari Mengundi” LDK (latihan dalam kumpulan). We berkempen and stuff – “Undilah kami!” Some kids had BN badges, I have no idea where they got those from. This LDK is a bit dangerous. When visiting classes with trainees from separate camps, fighting tends to break out. Yelling, insulting, and ripping up posters and promotional materials. I guess this is typical election fare, but it gets confusing and scary – 17 and 18 year olds doing this.

Got to go. The cybercafe’s operating hours are now limited, thanks to the Urusetia. Will try to keep posting.

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