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Soldiers are staying in the boys’ dormitories now. Kolej A, B, C, and D, all have soldiers. Two in each block – except for the girls’ dorms, of course.

They first appeared yesterday. Or leastways, I only noticed them yesterday, walking around in tight white shirts, camouflage pants, and combat boots. A friend complained to me, “The soldiers here are crazy! Yelling like madmen outside my dorm!”

We now have to wear shoes and long pants to the dewan makan. We used to wear slippers and short pants and whatever. Now, the soldiers keep their eyes on us. I guess it’s good to be disciplined. However, those who aren’t too eager about wearing shoes can slip in with slippers – the trick is to get in early, as soon as dinner begins.

Tuesday evening, as we were leaving SKTM after our Modul Kenegaraan, we were surprised to find that we were barred from boarding our buses. Instead, we lined up under the 4:30 pm sun, until 5:30 pm. Doing what? Doing nothing. The jurulatih tried to make us do exercises, but none of us were keen on it.

Soldiers arrogant. At night they assembled us, started yelling at us. “Adakah kamu berasa bosan?!!!” one yelled. Assorted yells came from us. And what did the soldier next yell at us? “Diam!! Kalau saya bercakap di depan, kamu jangan cakap apa-apa! Diam dalam barisan!” It got a bit tiring after a while. He kept asking us questions, we kept yelling back answers, he kept telling us that we weren’t supposed to answer.

I hear new stories about NS. In my physical training camp, the Pengarah Kem got caught with 2 wirawati sitting on his lap, in a darkened tent, at 2 am. Gross. He’s old!!

The boys’ and girls’ dorms at Kompleks Sukan Likas are closeby, and the boys simply walk in the girls’ dorm at night … and take pictures of girls sleeping in their underwear, and only their underwear. Sounds unbelievable, but I believe it. My own dorm here in UMS – we don’t even close the main doors at night, the doors are wide open. Sometimes I’m tempted to run out and take a 2 am walk. No guards walking around, anyway. But I never seem to be able to wake up in time.

Heard a story from a trainee friend in Kolej A, from Kem Tanaki Tambunan. their Ketua Keseluruhan, a guy from KL, resigned last week. And a few days ago, he seemed to be all stressed up. Went into his friends’ room, asked them to beat him up. Naturally, they refused. So he got mad and beat them up. Ran out and into the woods, and the security guards had to go look for him with flashlights.

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